Complete Guide to OSF'ing and creating Farms

OSF Guide - Hopeful Misfits
OSF Guide - Hopeful Misfits

R.I.P. Joor (OSF of Hopeful Misfits)

The What...

In Kingdoms at War there are two very basic and easy ways to make money. They are to farm an inactive player or an OSF. OSF=OPEN SPY FARM meaning the spy is opening themselves for free hits after they announce "OPEN" in clan chat or world chat. I will explain how an OSF is able to do so as your read further. An inactive player can also be a farm, however you must be very careful when treading these waters as some of the inactive lists that you may find may not be entirely accurate. If you in fact have a known inactive player then you are able to hit as many times in one day as you want without being penalized for farming. Inactives will also be covered further down this page.

Now that the basic lingo is explained I'll explain the rules of hitting OSF's. OSF's allow people to hit them because they're nice and giving people who wish to better other players so that we all can have an equal opportunity at this game to build a vast and powerful empire! Some clans can be very uptight about their personal farms so if you weren't given permission, don't hit them and not expect to get spy bombed. Also do not beg an OSF to open, you are entitled to nothing and only attack them when they tell you they're "open" and BE SURE TO THNK THEM AFTERWARDS!!!!

Now we can get to "the how?". In order to make the game fair soliders are allowed to hit pure spies if the spy is not too weak and has money out. The OSF's spies must be 20% or higher of the total number of spies the OSF has, to be considered not too weak.

As far as money goes any amount that the OSF has out will successfully grant you a hit. If the OSF has a large amount of money out you will still make the same amount of money per hit but results can be catastrophic for the OSF as he/she is not protected by any defences so PLEASE wait to hear the OSF say "OPEN"!

Opening Methods

Money Drop Method
  • First, the OSF burns their spies down to around 20% by stealing, scouting, or assassinating a hopefully willing target.
  • The OSF then sells 5-6 of the largest attack pots, leaving them with 60-100 million gold out.
  • The low spy count means that this money is drained MUCH slower, lasting a few hundred hits instead of only a few dozen.
  • Every 5-10 minutes, the OSF burns their spies down again, keeping them as low as possible without going DTW until they need to drop more money.

Slow Strip Method
  • This is similar to the Money Drop method except that it can be done without the OSF present. It relies on an outside person to buy allies, and possibly keep spies down.
  • Keeping spies low:
    • IF the OSF is present, they will maintain their spy levels around 20% -- with an OAF present, an easy way to do so is Steal, Scout, Scout.
    • -
    • If the OSF is not present, first, figure out the OSF's stats. How many spies do they have total? What is 20% of that? How many regenerate every 5 minutes? Write down those numbers.
      These are best gotten from the OSF themself before they ditch you.
    • Get a bunch of people to assassinate (if the OSF does not have defense pots) or scout bomb (if they do) the OSF until they have 0 spies left. That gives you a baseline timer.
    • Mark the time on the clock at which you hit 0 spies. In about 15 minutes, the OSF will have regenerated 3 times, which means you need to kill half of one regen worth of spies to bring them down to around 20%. Leave a small margin in case your assassinations are successful. At this point, the OSF will be attackable if they have money out.
    • When they do not have any money left, buy an ally. Try to keep the money under 200k to reduce loss per steal.
    • Every 5 minutes after that, ONE ASSIGNED RESPONSIBLE PERSON should assassinate twice, or scout bomb to kill the proper number of spies -- remember to count what you kill, and leave a little margin to account for successes, but not so big that you won't keep it near 20%.
    • If the money starts running out more quickly than it should (and you'll get a feel for this if you do it often enough) then just reset your timer by running the spies back down to 0 and waiting 10 min again.
  • Methods of having money out (pick one):
    • The OSF can drop allies, but that's a huge waste of money. Don't make them do that, you jerks.
    • Designated people can buy allies - COORDINATE WITH THE LOW SPY TEAM
    • Anyone can buy allies - This is risky and you will probably end up wasting a bunch of money unless everyone knows how to KEEP SPIES LOW
    • SERIOUSLY, KEEP THE SPIES LOW! Otherwise you're basically stripfarming your own team. You bastard!

Spacebar Method:
(OBSOLETE - See workarounds below) When an OSF "OPENS" he/she does so by having a vast surplus of the cheapest pots,(Elixer of Rage ATK pot or the Mist of Confusion) they only cost 5k or 1.25 k. The OSF then goes to items and continually taps the space bar to repeatedly sell the items. Losing only the cost of the dropped pot while all the farmers farming the OSF adds they're kingdom and ally plunder giving the player a nice hefty plunder while costing the OSF minimal amounts of money.

Space Bar Nerf...what to do? (11/22/10)
The devs decided to make it so you can't spam the spacebar at all, as the game won't register more than 1 hit at a time/sell pots at a time. This is very bad for us that do plunder wars. What is there to do? Well, changing browsers doesn't work, from IE to Firefox to Chrome. However, try this link of KaW instead when you want to log in on the computer:
This link of KaW is slightly faster (at least on Firefox) can sell pots a bit faster, attack spam up to like 8 consecutive hits if you're fast, and best of all...during wars if you're hit you see it in news faster so you can respond in the middle of their attacks. It will make selling pots a bit easier too for the OSFs, but they will still have to spam the space bar and the left mouse click to sell pots -.-

Ok, so you now assume to sell pots fast you have to spam space bar and left mouse click. NO! That's inefficient compared to this way of selling.

Ok, in Windows 7 go to your computer's Control Panel, Ease of Access, Change how your keyboard works, and make sure "Turn on MouseKeys" is checked. Click on Set up Mouse Keys link right underneath that and make sure in Other Settings: Use Mouse Keys when NUM LOCK is OFF is selected. Then slide the two bars under Pointer Speed: Top Speed and Acceleration to High and Fast, respectively (obviously). Ok, now you're set. Instead of spamming space and left click, spam space bar and the numeric keypad's 5 (the side of the keyboard with only numbers arranged into a square like shape) after making sure NUM LUCK is OFF. The 5 there serves as a single left mouse click that is 10x faster than the normal clicking. So position your mouse next to the sell button next to the cheapest spy def pot and spam away :D Do not go too fast; you will lag your game; make sure to do it so you press space bar after the "Item has been sold" screen and the 5 right after, like in rhythm.

You can also spam the numeric keypad's + when NUM LOCK is OFF. It's roughly the same speed though spamming the numeric keypad 5 may be faster.

~Windows XP tutorial~

Inactive Farms

Inactive Farms are players that do not play the game and chances are that they don't have any pots up so you would have a very good chance to win in a battle if your stats are better. They still have the same weakness as any other player though and that is they're troop count. Attacking them too many times will weaken they're troops therefore making them too weak too attack. That's why OSF's are better if they're available.

The How...

Now that there are probably no more questions to the mechanics of an OSF the final question is the "How would the best way for me to become an OSF?" Or what is the best strategy in order to achieve a maxed out spy.

Stryck's Version (3/2011):
As Joor says below, having a strong attack alt to spy farm, and an OSF to attack farm, makes your life a ton easier. If you don't have those, try to find inactive farms. Since the devs introduced unlockable buildings and lands, you can no longer start building forges until land 9. Thus you either need to get cash volleyed to you until you unlock the 9th land, or start out by building a mini hansel. Volleying is described in another section.

Mini Hansel:
  • Build 3 attack buildings. Upgrade them to level 2. (If you got volleyed, build 1 forge, then build guilds on the rest instead of the order below)
  • Build guilds on all the rest of your lands until you get to land 9. Upgrade to level 2 as you can.
  • Join any plunder wars (or more likely reverse plunder wars) that will let you in. Praise your deity of choice that you can hit OSFs that are way bigger than you, as long as you're in a war. Roll around in your money, and then...
  • Invest MONEY in allies! You need them for plunder bonus! This is extremely important for mini hansels. (see Why Allies? for finding max plunder)
    • You can buy one ally and volley them up every time you make more money until your plunder is maxed. It is easy to keep track of how much you have invested, and you make money on the volleying. In general, this is the best way to have allies for plunder bonus.
    • Alternatively -- If you buy a metric shitload of tiny (1000g) allies you will eventually have a decent attack bonus. I was able to get 65,000 attack bonus with 170 allies that had the basic stats - The equivalent of using the first two pots plus a little extra on every attack. This is important because your attack will SUCK. You might even lose against OSFs if they have allies. These also sell fairly often, thus making you volley money.
    • Mini Hansel is pretty much the only time you will ever care about exploiting ally stats before you're LCBC. When you are eventually opening as an OSF you do NOT want ally stats. They will make people fail to hit you and then they will cry and bitch. But you can ditch those tiny guys by then.
  • At land 9 build a forge, upgrade it to level 3(You need 50m in allies for each level 3 forge)
  • Tear down those shitty attack buildings and replace them with guilds.
  • Upgrade all your guilds to level 2(more allies! ??m per level 2 guild, 80m per level 3 guild, 125m per level 4 guild)
  • Buy lands, build level 2 guilds, to land 15.
  • Go back and upgrade all your guilds to level 3. (ALLIES!) Now you're rocking along with about 4m per hit on an OSF in a plunder war, or 3m on an inactive your size. That's about 80m per unload -- and it grows as you grow.
  • Finish LCing with level 3 guilds - OR once you reach your 900m land, start upgrading your guilds to level 4 guilds (cost: 900m each) before you LC. Your choice. I prefer to upgrade then LC.
  • Upgrade all guilds to level 4. Tear down your forge and replace it with either an Aviary (Balanced, extra hit) or Circle (Defense, extra plunder bonus) building. Or go crazy and put up one of each. (cost: 1.35b from the ground up.)
  • Now you're a Real Hansel! with at least 6b invested in allies!

Tier 4
  • But now you want to hit those giant OSFs out of war... time to invest in T4! But here's the thing - the T4 (sometimes called T2, since there are only two spy buildings) Conclave of Shadows building has SHITTY PLUNDER. It's not even better than a level 4 guild, until you get a level 2 CoS.
  • Hansel is no longer a viable uber-money making strategy once you start building T4s :( But you still benefit from the ally plunder bonus while you're building up those shiny new CoS's.
    • 3.5b, 7.5b and 15b for the upgrades for attack buildings, somewhat more for the CoS's which are more relevant but tough. (See Buildings)
  • You need to build up your total stats to (XXXXXX) to hit giant OSFs out of war, so get started building those conclaves!
  • At LCBC (primary map) about 100b in allies is required for max plunder. Or so I hear.

Highlands?? WTF? aka MEGA HANSEL
  • There were recently 25 new lands (no castle) introduced, called the Highlands. These only appear once you have bought all 24 lands on the main map.
  • These lands start at 3b gold, and increase exponentially up to 300b gold. Toss level 4 guilds on the first 5 or so of them as you build up! Oooh Shiny. The 5th one costs 9b gold. Or maybe 11. Something like that. Anyway, Guilds. And allies (with NO DEFENSE STATS now, so you can open as an OSF) . Best bang for your buck.
  • You will eventually want to explore all of these lands, but work on getting to at least level 2 with all your current buildings first, or nobody will love you.

And Finally...
Converting to Pure Spy - Rpwar whore (the awesomely fast way)
  • Save up enough money for a level 3 CoS for each attack building you have. (yes, BEFORE you pimp out)
  • Pimp yourself out as an OSF for reverse plunder wars, in return for a cut of the war tax.
    • This may be difficult at first, because you are small and unimpressive.
    • Keep trying. Find a desperate clan!
    • Keep making money while you wait.
  • Sell your attack building(s) and replace them with CoS's
  • Make sure to use some of the tax money to fund your next open so you're not left high and dry.
  • Keep your ally plunder bonus maxed! You can always sell one of your guilds (for God's sake don't sell your CoS's they're expensive) and build a level 3 forge on that land and whack away on an OSF in between your pwars for more money. It's not as impressive as an attack build would make at T4 but it's better than pure steals.

Converting to Pure Spy - Crappy T4 Hansel (the soul-crushing way)
  • You're used to being on top of the pack in plunder wars... well NO LONGER. But hey, it's money.
  • Keep on converting those level 4 guilds to CoS level 2 (save up ~13b until you can go to level 2 all at once).
  • Then once they're all level 2, go back and make them level 3 one by one, OR alternately open up new Highlands and build level 2 CoS on them. Or guilds. They're only 900m total, and pay well.

Converting to Pure Spy - I'm a Stubborn Thief (the stupid idiot way)
  • Sell your attack building
  • Steal pathetic amounts of money from people.
  • Cry yourself to sleep at night

Joor's Version:
I would best recommend getting a very strong atk build going first then you can use the 2 accounts to feed each other.Then when you're ready to start the second account build it up as an atk build first then once you have about 12 or 15 lands up save money to convert all but 1 forge to a level 3 guild and make sure to have your plunder maxed in allies, and this is called a hansel build. As you build your kingdom use your atk account to feed your spies and then feed off of other OSF's to keep building!!!!!!

The second way to convert would be to basically LC(Land Complete) and MB (Max Build an atk build or a hybrid build and then save up enough gold to do a full conversion which would be roughly 1 billion per guild and for a grand total of 24 billion. <----Not suggested, wastes way too much gold X-X

It is definitely worth getting LC/BC as a farm especially if you plan on using crystals on that OSF, because the weaker an OSF is the less money you make per hit. If you are going to spend the money or time to earn crystals you should spend them on a full OSF to maximize your income with them or else you are just wasting them. I have found that players with stats as low as 100k combined stats can hit a full OSF (I think you can hit a full OSF with only 70kish total).

I hope to have Mat or EternalRain comment on this topic and cover anything i may have missed. EternalRain is a very accomplished spy if u have any questions as he has gone through the entire game as a spy before turning Hansel build.

Rain's Version:
Lol you're exaggerating the truth...I went hansel from 100k/100k spy stats. Though hansel's crap without a constant OSF (ironic huh?), and once I had an OSF the stats started can BC in a week from LC spy with all lv 3 guilds. Well then again, on the last two days I DID use 36 crystals ROFL...
Anyways, the best way to create an OSF is like my other account StarryShower. You should get within 4-5 lands of LC through attack and maxing plunder, then start saving a huge chunk of cash available for conversion. Converting takes $77,525,000 per lv 3 guild. Multiply that by the number of attack buildings you have minus 1. Be sure to also save about another $30-50m per guild to max out new plunder :). Then convert all at once, remax plunder, and use the last attack building to farm OSFs. LC should come even faster than an attack build from here on out. LC, then start converting to lv 4 guilds. IMO, it's SO EASY now to make an when I started I was pure spy...stealing for gold was hell...I used to build lv 2 guilds all the way up to 60m land, then started converting them to lv 3...that took forever. Though the first lv 3 guild did boost steal cash a TON, so it got a lot easier as time went on. I spy farmed as many enormous rewards as I could xD. After 60m just got harder as lands started getting into the hundred millions. I think I converted to hansel at around 900m land...:(